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Our Network

Built to deliver

Fusion has made significant investment in creating the largest UK access network infrastructure, aggregating all carriers to offer a next generation platform with over 12,000 points of presence. Unlike many competitors, our network is unencumbered by legacy technology, using only the latest equipment and automated processes to ensure unrestricted, streamlined international services that provide customers with the fast and robust connectivity required to capitalise on today’s most progressive network-delivered services.

A resilient network

Our network has been designed to eliminate any points of potential failure. With a 100Gbps diverse fibre ring covering the Docklands and the City, we ensure a secure and faultless service for all our customers.

A scalable network

IPv6-ready and using advanced technologies such as Metro Ethernet, VPLS and DWDM, our network has the scalability to manage the ever-increasing demand for customer bandwidth. Fusion’s network provides guaranteed services with the capacity to route ten times its current level (at 1:1 contention), effortlessly.

A manageable network

Our expertly designed self-healing network is fully managed and pro-actively monitored. Using the latest technologies and equipment allows us to provision and support the network quickly and efficiently without the limitations of legacy standards.

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