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Cloud Agent

The Importance Of Backups

Your most important business asset is… data. After all, without customer information, order details or product data, you will not be able to perform any business activities. Imagine partially or even completely losing your business data. It could mean the beginning of the end. At the very least, it would damage your company image, something that the competition could use to its benefit.

Fusion Cloud Agent offers a cover-all, end-to-end solution for all your backup issues. The solution creates a backup of the data on all your computers, irrespective of their location. The backup process is done via our Managed Network Services or over the Internet to our secure London based datacentre. The solution operates in a fully automated way and offers unrivalled ease-of-management while supporting various operating systems.

Fusion Cloud Agent offers you the peace of mind that comes with the knowledge that your data is safely stored at all times. This Fusion Cloud Agent software offers automatic backup and recovery of business data and includes all the functionality that is needed for reliable backups.  It goes without saying that reliable recovery in the event of a system failure or calamity is crucial.

10 Reasons to Use Fusion Cloud Backup


Backups are made automatically through a schedule and the frequency can also be defined. Therefore human intervention is unnecessary.


With cloud backup your data is securely sent directly to the Fusion cloud hosted in London’s most prestigious datacentre. This eliminates dangers like theft and fire which can affect backups that are stored on site like tape & disk.

Peace of mind

Cloud backup is a ‘Fire and forget’ software solution.  This means that once it is configured it works automatically keeping you updated with status reports via email.

High availability

With cloud backup your data is continuously and directly available. If you lose data for whatever reason you can immediately start restoring your data from either the Agent software or the web portal.


Your data is encrypted both “in-flight” and “at-rest” providing the highest levels of privacy possible.

No initial investment

Cloud backup is a service. For a fixed month fee you have a secure backup without the need to invest in additional hardware or software.

Low cost of ownership

Cloud backup only needs to be configured once; thereafter all backups are executed automatically.

Easily restored

Restoring your data is very fast and easy. You select the data you wish to restore and choose the target location and no-time at all your files and folders are back.


Cloud backup can keep a history of your file changes depending on your retention preferences. Changed files are stored as a new version allowing you to go back weeks in time to restore the desired version.

Automatic reports, easy monitoring

Automatic reports in the client software and through email make sure you are always up to date about the status of your backups.