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Cloud Migration

Move To The Cloud With Confidence 

Fusion brings you a ground-breaking, risk-free Migration-as-a-Service that lets you move to a future-proof, high performance, on-demand IT infrastructure, with no or near-zero downtime and no risk

Migration of IT infrastructure to a cloud environment is increasingly attractive for businesses looking to simplify IT management and reduce operating costs. Virtualisation makes it easy to align IT provisioning with business demands, enabling delivery of the latest applications to any location on a pay per seat, pay service basis, without the need for capital expenditure.

Critical to achieving these benefits is the migration process. For many IT managers this represents a challenge that exceeds the skills, resources and budget available, ultimately presenting a barrier to their cloud strategy.

Fusion Cloud Migrate removes this barrier with a simple, low cost, risk-free migration solution, supported by a complete set of network and virtualisation facilities required to ensure success. 


Network Availability - Flexible bandwidth limiting and Intelligent Compression features allow you to control how much bandwidth the migration operations can consume

Network Control - Large data set migrations over a wan can be pre-seeded to the target offline and Fusion Cloud Migrate will reconcile the differences 

Security -  Cloud Migrate can encrypt ‘in-flight’ or network data that is transmitted as part of the synchronization process (i.e. replication and mirroring) between source and target, using aeS (advanced encryption Standard) with 256-bit key length. Also, Point-to-point connectivity is secured by IPSec VPn.

Vendor Neutral - Fusion Cloud Migrate operates across any hardware and hypervisor platforms plus any combination of physical, virtual and cloud platforms

Business Continuity - Users and applications remain online during migration, eliminating delays and protecting business productivity