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Virtual Data Centre

Journey to the cloud without being taken for a ride

Fusion’s Virtual Data Centre solutions bring you all the market leading features offered by the industry’s biggest providers, plus a host of additional benefits you won’t find anywhere else. Backed by the highest standards of personal customer service, specialist technical support and the most competitive pricing in the business, next generation cloud services have never been more accessible or affordable.

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Fusion VDC ticks all the right boxes

Cloud Service Provider Fusion Interoute Amazon Rackspace Savvis Microsoft
Cloud Service: VDC VDC AWS Cloud
Free internet bandwidth?
Free bandwidth between VDC zones?
Free trial before purchase?
Fully automated Public and Hosted Private Cloud solutions?
VLAN segregation between customers?
VLANs connect automatically to public or private connectivity service?
Create multi-tiered, VLAN segregated network topologies within the cloud service?
Is the service free from Patriot Act concerns?
Can real network and security appliances be deployed into the cloud service?
Is local backup automated?
Support multiple hypervisor technologies?
Import and export your own VM images?
Resize your VM (CPU, RAM, storage) online?
Manage VMs with a web based console session?
Manage the service with an API?
Service & Support
What SLA is offered with the service? 99.99% 99.99% 99.95% 100% 99.90% 100%
Online Live Chat Support
Email Support
Phone Support 24x7x365
Information published on 2013

And a few more

Fusion Interoute Amazon Rackspace Savvis Microsoft
Guarantees bandwidth between your offices and the Cloud
Can supply UK and international connectivity
Operate the largest UK Ethernet Access network
Offer fully automated and diverse failover
Quality of Service support
VPLS & MPLS integration
Provides Gartner recognised security
Fully integrated with major SIP operators
Eco-system of application partners


Lee Norvall, Fusion CTO, on choosing the Volta Data Centre:

Control the Cloud, Wherever you are

Ticks all the right boxes

You can control, monitor and construct servers wherever you are from our state-of-the-art online management portal.

With server snapshots, it’s also simple to create regular backups of cloud servers and easy to move images from server to server, cutting out downtime and ensuring that information is always up-to-date.

Fusion’s management portal gives you control over your virtual infrastructure software updates are also less problematic because you can rollback to an earlier server image if there are download or install issues. likewise, snapshots provide a valuable business continuity tool, allowing you to create or restore a new server in minutes.

End-to-end solutions

Provisioned with our core network infrastructure, clients benefit from a robust, future-proof solution that delivers guaranteed, end-to-end quality of service. We have the largest uK access network infrastructure in the country, aggregating all carriers to provide a next generation platform unencumbered by legacy technology with over 12,000 points of presence. Our streamlined structure and refreshing approach to business provides fully managed solutions with first-class support from a single point of contact.

Key features:

  • Provision on-demand services, applications and storage at the click of a button
  • Available in private, public and hybrid environments
  • No need to build, manage and maintain a complex comms infrastructure
  • No need for any capital expenditure
  • Secure, flexible, scalable and cost efficient, provisioned with blade server resilience from London’s most secure data centre
  • High speed, any-to-any connectivity with ultra-low latency and seamless integration with existing systems
  • Can be provisioned with our core network infrastructure to deliver end-to-end solutions with a single SLA and guaranteed quality of service
  • Deploy services, applications and capacity as they are required, where they are required
  • Easily controlled and monitored using a secure online portal
  • One point of contact and specialist first-line technical assistance
  • Ensures the latest communications technology is always available to align with changing business needs

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What Our Clients Say

"Fusion’s Virtual Data Centre gives us the manageability, security and resilience we need to ensure delivery of our most business critical applications. Their intelligent technology and flawless support is an impressive combination."

Steve Burges
Director, Double Edge

"By using Fusion as our chosen partner to deliver a complete cloud environment with excellent connectivity, Alphagen can deliver SAP Business One more quickly and efficiently so we can focus on satisfying our customers business requirements."

Mark Hughes
Director, Alphagen