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High Capacity Services

High speed connections for seamless service

Ideally suited to the rapid transfer of large files, our bespoke High Capacity Services are individually designed to meet specific business needs, extending LAN (Local Area Network) services to almost anywhere in the UK by seamlessly connecting multi sites with secure, low latency, high speed services from 1Gbs. Fusion works with all the leading wholesale providers to plan and deploy a range of tailor-made solutions that dramatically improve productivity and cut the cost of doing business.

Key points

  • Short Reach
    Superfast connectivity of up to 400Gbs, with ultra low latency for sites less than 100Km apart
  • National
    Seamless connectivity of up to 10Gbs between almost any UK sites, regardless of distance apart
  • Multi-site Backhaul
    Designed to link multiple locations over high speed connections of up to 10Gbs between sites

Please describe your requirements in the form below and we will contact you, within 24 hours, to recommend the best solution.