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Savings On Installation

Fusion can now offer two new connectivity deals that will enable your business to save money on installing or upgrading your Ethernet services, as well as cutting the cost of superfast broadband installation.

Savings on Excess Construction Charges (ECC)

From 1st June 2014, Fusion clients can benefit from additions and upgrades to Ethernet services without the worry of unexpected ECCs, and could also qualify for money off installation costs. 

Through Fusion, orders for Openreach fibre are now covered for up to £2,800 off ECCs per circuit, plus free connection on three year terms. 

Savings on Broadband Installation

Businesses looking for alternative connectivity solutions could also benefit from up to £3,000 off installation charges under the Government’s Broadband Connection Voucher Scheme, for which Fusion has been appointed as an official supplier. Fusion’s participation in the Government’s Broadband Connection Voucher Scheme is geared to helping SMEs capitalise on the advantages of our superfast broadband, without the initial set-up costs.

The Voucher Scheme is part of a UK-wide initiative designed to improve business efficiency and growth by helping deliver affordable superfast broadband, with speeds in excess of 30Mbs. New installations and upgrades are available in 22 selected cities with the opportunity for businesses to claim back up to £3,000 towards connection costs from their local council.

The combination of these new deals, along with our industry-leading monthly costs mean that Fusion clients looking to improve their network infrastructure are assured of total cost transparency and unbeatable value. 

For more information on any of these special offers, please contact us.