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Data Storage

Storage has moved on. Don't get left behind.

Data storage does more than just storage - it can cut IT costs, accelerate application performance and enhance your cloud and virtualised services. 

On-site, backed up at the data centre or fully managed as a cloud service, our solutions are built for perfomance speed and security.


Data Management is the underlying problem faced by every IT manager. Fusion can provide products and services that improve the management of your data assets, no matter what type of environment you have. Fusion will help you understand your data requirements by providing the resources to maximise your investment, while suggesting areas that would benefit from further attention.

Your bespoke Data Management Solutions will include:

  • Data Asset Tracking and Profiling
  • Storage Resource Management
  • Storage Provisioning


In response to the unrelenting demand for cloud services , Fusion offers a range of storage services from a stae of the art data centre facility in central London. Our services combine strong software capabilities and secure & reliable systems, backed by strong SLA’s. We offer usage based costs with no hidden charges. This allows you to calculate the real running costs of your cloud services with confidence.


Our expertise in backup and recovery can transform your legacy systems and deliever solutions that meet today's demanding requirements. We can tailor your package to meet your specific budget requirements. Once approved, our consultants work to ensure the correct level integration is achieved, using software from leading vendors. Fusion have used their expertise to provide backup and recovery services in both traditional environments and virtualised data centres. 


Our continuity solutions are vital to the running of the business and meeting compliance requirements. Disruption, downtime and data loss can be damaging to both your market reputation and your finances. So, if you dont have a disaster recovery plan, your business could be at risk. We can work with your IT team to develop a disaster recovery plan that is relevant to your businesses requirements. We feel confident that we can provide a DR solution and data recovery solution to match every company's specific business need.


New advancements in technology bring an increasing number of new regulations, all of which add pressure to public and private sector companies. There are a number of important components to contemplate when creating your corporate compliance policy, including space management, e-mail archiving and on-going management. Fusion has a range of products designed to meet these and many other business and compliance factors, with minimum of fuss.

Storage has moved on. Don’t get left behind. Our team at Fusion Labs is ready to help.