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Fusion Media Networks Joins LINX Membership

Tue, 10/21/2014 - 14:58

Leading connectivity and business communication specialist, Fusion Media Networks, today announced it has become a member of the London Internet Exchange (LINX), a world leading Internet Exchange Point.

As a LINX member, Fusion will benefit from the ability to connect to over 85% of the Global Routing Table, giving access to direct routes from a large number of diverse international peering partners. Fusion will also be able to pass those benefits on to its channel partners. 

Lee Norvall, CTO of Fusion Media Networks, said: “Being part of the LINX network is important to Fusion because its ethos is about improving connectivity and use of the internet. Being able to connect with diverse international peering partners means we can exchange ideas and expertise and make new professional contacts.”

He continued: “While we will benefit from increased capacity and redundancy at lower cost, we’re really excited to be able to pass on reduced latency, increased resilience and improved transit performance to our channel partners.” 

Ben Hedges, LINX Chief Marketing Officer, said: “We’re delighted that Fusion Media Networks has become a LINX member. By joining the network, Fusion will be able to exchange traffic in an efficient and cost-effective way within LINX’s vibrant community of ISPs and network operators: a membership consisting of 557 networks from 62 countries.”