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Fusion Labs

Impartial, Knowledgeable Expertise on Tap

Over recent years, the unprecedented post-recession drive for better business performance has transformed IT services and technology. To help clients keep pace and make the transition to new solutions, Fusion has created
‘Fusion Labs’ – a centre of expertise taking a vendor neutral approach to educating and assisting clients achieve their optimal solution.

The Fusion Labs team is an unusually talented group of technicians offering no-commitment advice plus best price solutions delivered from Fusion-owned infrastructure and the best vendor partners.

Established during this period of technology acceleration, Fusion is one of a small group of 'new generation' service providers with state of the art infrastructure designed specifically for new solutions that out-pace and out-price longer established competitors. 

With this advantage, Fusion Labs gives you access to technology and  experience in tune with the demanding business requirements of today.

Fusion Lab Resources

The Lab can also offer you:

  • A series of informative videos and downloadable collateral
  • Blogs offering informed opinion - get updates and insights into IT solutions
  • Demonstrations held at our Volta Data Centre facilities. Based in central London, Volta offers a truly state-of-the-art facility combining ultra low latency, high resilience and advanced power supply, with connectivity from the world’s top carriers.
  • Training - We give your internal IT staff high-level knowledge and provide well-rounded advice & training
  • Project Management - Our projects are divided into controllable stages with an organised start, middle and end, and there are regular reviews of progress against the plan.
  • Bespoke Solutions - Our extensive experience is founded on industry best practice, and we can tailor our services to suit the size of your company and requirements.
  • Trials with our Equipment - We recognise the importance of testing. Your requirements are defined and documented at the outset and followed through to a successful sign-off.

“Business demands for speed and automation are transforming IT technology. Keeping pace can be a challenge. To help, we’ve created ‘Fusion Labs’ – a talented team of IT specialists offering expert advice to achieve the best solution for you. No hard sell, no commitment. Just a passion for understanding and solving your IT management issues - that’s what Fusion Labs is about."

Lee Norvall, CTO, Fusion Media Networks